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RP Index (under construction)
« on: September 04, 2013, 10:14:00 am »
So, apparently I have followers? If the view count on my RPs is anything to go by, I certainly have a good amount of followers, and I feel like I owe it to you to keep an index up because I get like 20 RPs going at a time. So, maybe this will help you stalk me. RPs are separated into categories, and the RPS within the category go from Newest to oldest.

Ongoing Rps

Hiatus RPs

Dead RPs


Willing to reopen

For the Last Time with Acwelhiv
Sociopathic Tendencies with Tachi
Save Me with Shido
Post War Reparatoins with Sydney
You Object? with Fancy
Save Me! with Fabs
Love is a Battlefield with Mochi
Love Your Savior with Sinclair
Argyria with Aria
His Secret Self with Sky Reed
After the War with Karakuna
My Savior with ChibiMonkey
It's Only Acting! Isn't It? with Whisper
Back in School with SammuelColdheart
Loving the Hostage with Siieda
Get It with Calc.
Blood Lust with Bluejay
Guilty Pleasures with Sky Reed
Freakish Nature with Brooklynnx
Public Enemy with Toxic
Cell Mates with Sahuya
Black with SE.RA.Ph
The Guild with Shadowfane
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