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Out of Character Forum
« on: February 27, 2013, 12:12:43 am »
So, I very well may be the only one who is interested in something like this.

I was thinking that it would be nice to have a childboard where players involved in an RP could exchange OOC information that was directly relative to the RP. Granted, I know there are PM's where most players collaborate this information on a individual basis but here's the idea...

An OOC thread would be used to post character sheets (NPCs as well as own), pictures, and any additional media that relates to their thread.

I have on occasion read other threads, and I've had a few people drop me a PM looking for RP after reading mine. I cannot tell you how many times I wondered what the hell the players were talking about. Is that a city? Who's that guy? What's he look like?

The best example of this idea put to use that I can think of, is my friend IV -- He posted the entirety of his world in an OOC thread on another site. It had maps, laid out the Lore, the races, key locations, key NPCs, you name it. His Seeking Post consisted of a link and a, "Who wants to come play in my world?" It prevented him from having to explain certain ideas, concepts and characters over and over to different people.

We have a "Character Profile" forum - which is awesome - but this would be taking it one step further... I can has childboard?