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« on: November 28, 2012, 04:23:25 am »
So I've seen this in another forum (I think it's a partner forum, anyway it's linked here somewhere), and I was wondering if we could do something like this here too? (If people are interested of course).

Pretty much it'd be something to help users (especially newbies) get more familiar with each other, and possibly another way to find people to RP with. Basically, it'd be a way for users to create groups or clubs to unite people who are interested into something specific, or from a specific nationality, or that like a specific kind of character,...

For example (I'm using random and sometimes silly titles on purpose) it could range from things like "We like it rough" (for people who like RPs/manga/movies/etc with BDSM themes), to things like "Come to the Dark Side" (for people who RP as villains/cheer for villains), "Fluffers unite" (for people who like romantic and cuddly plots), or "Put a ring on it!" (cockring fanatics), "IT'S A TRAP!" (for traps, girly boys etc), "We hail from Germany" (for German users), etc...

In the other forum it was groups that when you joined them showed you a special new section of the forum for discussions etc, similar to how greeters were suddenly able to see their section here (but I'm not sure of how it works there. I could ask). But I think there could simply be a new section like the request one where an user can open a club/group for other people to join. Possibly one with each club as a subforum like the group RP section, but maybe that'd be too much work/create too many sections? Idk.

What do you think?

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Re: Clubs/Groups?
« Reply #1 on: February 03, 2013, 07:54:11 am »
Uhm, I am---eh, more interested in how you put ingenious titles to the groups LMAO.

Personally, however, I am neutral here. I mean, that's a great idea, but I am afraid it will play to people's comfort zone more. Of course, the people here are very welcoming and supportive, so I am not really worried about us being elitists. In the other hand,  it might serve as a way for people to mingle too. It is still a bit vague for me though. I am here to RP, and if I can find active socialization here, I'm afraid my life belongs to Elys forever... (hnnggg elys take my soul please)

Thus I will participate if it exists, but life is good even if there isn't that kind of groups here. ^_^
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