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RI for Carmen
« on: September 30, 2018, 10:43:33 pm »
Updated: 10/20/2018
* RPs included in the "Potential" section likely only include those I have received a PM about within the last 7 days


Picking up the Pieces, with ZeroInfection
* Themes: Pre-existing relationships, modern-like fantasy setting, fluff, romance, age gap (10+ years)

Carnal Desire, with ZeroInfection
* Warrior x Shape shifting apparition (my character, Ghost)
* Themes (explicitly planned): Mystery, temple, jungle setting, feral, non-con

Perfect Timing, Your Majesty with PeachBottom
* Young Chief/King x Time Traveler/Foreigner
* Themes (explicitly planned): Forbidden love, romance, fantasy setting, plot-based, magic

Daring Demons, with TealHyena
* 4 College friends (two of whom are brothers), a demon, and a ghost - mixture of pairings
* Themes (anticipated): Haunted house setting, supernatural, smut-based, and... who knows.

"Little" Red and the "Big" Bad Wolf, with TealHyena
* "Red," stoic priest/master-type x "Wolf," aggressive werewolf
* Themes: Role-reversal, fairy-tale AU, pet play, bondage and restraining, leash and collar, dub/non-con, etc.

Guilty Pleasures, with ♕☾ᔕKY ᖇEEᗪ☽♕
* Homeless/Burglar x Homeowner/Security Guard
* Themes (anticipated): Bondage, potentially non-con/dub-con

Priceless Dusk, with spiderfingers
* Yakuza member/leader x Tourist Pairing
* Themes (so far): Yakuza, modern setting, rough sex

Then An Ass Saw an Angel, with QuintessenceSunrise
* Former Bully/Human x Former Victim/Angel Pairing
* Themes (so far): College setting, bullying, depression


Karma, with TealHyena
* Former Bully x 3 Dorm mates Groupsome
* Themes (so far): College setting, smut-based, house toy, bondage, sex toys, multiple penetrations, videography, blackmail, dub-con, fellatio, spit-roasting, etc
* Only inactive because we might come up with more things to do with this situation and these characters, so... yeah.

Unexpected Encounter with FallIntoDepravity, via email
* Homeowner x Robber
* Themes (so far): Bondage, gags, cutting off clothes, videography/photography

Where the Truth Lies, with Wondering
* Magic User/Outcast x a ghost (my character, Ghost)
* Themes (explicitly planned): Modern-like with fantasy elements, magic, familiars, character development

Love and Marriage with castleheart
* Prince x Prince, Arranged/Forced marriage
* Themes (explicitly planned): Magic, fantasy, arranged marriage, politics, plot, monarchy, non-con/dub-con/force

Untitled RP 1 with AkaneDeath - Bartender x Patron(s)
* Status: Opening post in progress (needing to ask AkaneDeath if still interested)


None right now...


(Not so) Trouble in Paradise

Retired Potentials

Untitled RP with KageroFox
* Roommate x Roommate, with pre-existing relationship of some sort
* Character creation

Untitled RP with Candy_Ass
* Student/Former Victim x Teacher/Former Bully
* Status: Creating characters, plotting

Untitled RP with Okami
* Merman x ????
* Status: Creating characters, plotting

Untitled RP (Sugar Daddy theme) with Castleheart
* Status: Creating characters, plotting

Untitled RP 2 with AkaneDeath - Circus Performer x Audience Member
* Status: Character creation, deciding what we want out of it, any plotting, etc; opening post to be by AkaneDeath
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Note to RP Partners: Sporadic and unplanned (hopefully short) hiatuses likely to occur over the course of the next few months.

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