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Martin's trash sons
« on: June 17, 2018, 12:31:41 pm »
Name: Marcel Desjardins
Alias: Marcelline, Poppy (Because of the effects one kiss from him could have on anyone.)

Age: 25

Build: He's medium height with a slender build. He has long pale limbs and his skin has "beauty marks" all over.

Hair : He has red wavy hair that goes down to his shoulders. Usually styled in a perfectly messy queue when he is not working. 
Eyes: A very cold and perceptive light blue.

Sexuality: Whatever goes. As long as he is paid, of course.
Occupation: Drag queen in a molly club. Some nights he is paid for a little extra, but he doesn't like to indulge in that too much.

Current Residence: England of the late 20th century.

Strengths: He is a smooth talker and can be quite charming and persuasive if he desires it. He's also quite sharp and witty, despite the rarity of him showing any such traits. Quite proficient in polari.

Weakness: Egoistical and catty. He makes it look as if he considers everyone else inferior to him, so he doesn't have many friends.

Likes: He loves reading love poetry and gushy romance sensationalist novels. He reads it as an escape of the reality that he lives in.

Dislikes: England and any and all police officers. He hates the fact that he would never be able to leave and go live somewhere else, where he'd feel safer as a gay man. He also hates other catty gay men such as himself.

Favorite color: Green, because it compliments his hair color beautifully. He has at least seven emerald dressing gowns.

The usual story. Got thrown out of his home when he was just a teen, dropped out of school and began selling his body at a young age, until he found a job in the club he currently works at. He hasn't moved since then and the monotony tears at him.
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Re: Martin's trash sons
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