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The Filth & The Fury
« on: May 26, 2018, 05:54:55 pm »

(Without the mask)

Name: Am-Heh (The devourer of millions)
Age: Ageless
Height: 6'0.
Looks: Dark hair and eyes as a rule but he can change if he wishes.
Likes: Power, war, bloodshed.
Dislikes: Losing any control
Preference: Bi/Seme
Family: None. Atum is his creator.
About:  Am Heh was confined to a prison of stone for his desires for power and blood by the creator God Atum who is the only one to have any control of him.
Once released he is a force to the reckoned with. Controller of storms he harnesses the power of nature. However he has his weaknesses as a lost legend will reveal.
He is cold and cruel but somewhere he does have a heart.

(First picture is property of Onyx-Philomel on Deviant art, not mine!)

Name: Akuma
Age: Old enough, he has lived far beyond his time
Height: 5'9
Looks: Dark brown hair, hazel eyes.
Likes: Himself.
Dislikes: Age, weakness of the body.
Preference: He never thought about it.
Family: None known
About: Akuma is known as the 'doll master'. He lives on an island long abandoned and shrouded in mystery.
Graves litter the entrance to the forest and dolls hang from trees.
Akuma seeks to create lasting life with the ulterior motive of preserving his own. Some organs and part of his limbs have been replaced to extend his existence.
Some of his dolls were created as living beings who unfortunately developed emotion and feeling, they live fearing their end.

Name: Sterling Dumah
Age: Ageless
Height: 5'10
Looks: Pale brown/chestnut hair, green eyes.
Likes: Dance, shows of strength and grace.
Dislikes: People who give up.
Preference: Bi/seme
Family: None
About: Sterling is the Herald of war. His 'surname', if it is one, means silence, vindication and the stillness of death. He is a skilled dancer for reasons unknown, one can assume it is because he favours any with power and grace.
Although he brings word of the end he is open to saving those he deems worthy but one has to convince him.

Name: Crassus
Age: 29
Height: 5'10
Looks: Blonde, green eyes.
Likes: Power, himself, obedience, wealth
Dislikes: People who question him, people who aim too high, being used.
Preference: Bi but leans towards men
Family: It's complicated.
About: Emperor of Rome, he is arrogant and knows his power. Despite his shortcomings he can also be rather caring towards those he has feelings for. Sees those without wealth or power as dispensable.
Dominant as he is Crassus is one who needs to be taken down a few notches before you get very far with him.

Name: Shaun Henderson
Age: 21
Height: 5'8
Looks: Dark brown hair, hazel eyes
Likes: The sound of money, knowing he has the upper hand, the theatre and the higher life
Dislikes: Himself probably. The rich fat cats, being treated like a child (even if he acts like one.)
Preference: Gay as they come...dominant seke/seme
Family: No one knows if his parents are living or dead. His Grandparents are deceased.
About: Shaun is the son of a dirt poor shopkeeper father and a struggling mother. Both of whom sell 'favours' for extra coin. It was no surprise that he became a whore himself when he reached age.
He is what is known as a higher class whore. It works well as Shaun is manipulative and quite happy to blackmail a known face for his own benefits. He is used in Victorian era plots so this would be common.
He would need a submissive seke but one with a firm hand if any plot involving him is not to end in tragedy.

Name: Dominick Webster
Age: 24
Height: 5'10
Looks: Black hair, green eyes
Likes: Tranquillity, walking the lakes, his friends.
Dislikes: Black magic, his sexuality, being alone.
Preference: Gay, seke
Family: Mother is a retired servant, father unknown.
About: Dominick is the closest friend of a prince and also his first love (hidden or acknowledged.) Because he is rather fragile when it comes to emotion he is highly susceptible to becoming bewitched.
He is loyal and steadfast and will stand by his lover until the end. He is somewhat childlike at times when it comes to dealing with his feelings, preferring to run and hide rather than confront them.

Name: Benjamin Bridges
Age: 25
Height: 5'10
Looks: Dark brown hair, dark eyes
Likes: ?
Dislikes: His mind
Preference: Gay, dom seke
Family: None known
About: Benjamin is a soldier. He often seems to be suffering from PTSD but the truth is awkward. Benjamin has lived and died so many times and remembers it all...

Name: Evan Roche
Age: In his early 20's. He doesn't know exactly.
Height: 5'9/5'10
Looks: White/blonde hair, icy blue eyes
Likes: Nature, being alone, watching, animals
Dislikes: Disrespect, humans in general
Preference: Hasn't thought of it
Family: Deceased
About: Evan is a loner. He comes from a family whose past is violent and savage. He lives in the old cabin that his family built but he watches everything.
In short he is unstable and obsessive, he has cameras everywhere.

Name: Adrian Richter (Stage name Jinxx)
Age: 22
Height: 5'10
Looks: Black hair, dark eyes, copious tattoos and scars, left nipple pierces and his ears.
Likes: Rock music, drugs, uhm...
Dislikes: A lot. People meddling is the main one.
About: Lead singer of the metal band The Inferno. Adrian loves shock tactics to boost their popularity and controversy, whether that be slicing himself open on stage or making out with one of the others he would consider anything.
Drug addict but can be altered during the story.

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Re: The Filth & The Fury
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Name: Dyami
Age: 21
Height: 5'10
Looks: Black hair, brown eyes, has a tribal tattoo of an eagle on his back.
Likes: Swimming, walking the forests, fishing.
Dislikes: Needless bloodshed, disrespect.
Preference: Gay/seke/uke
Family: Father and sister are living, mother is dead.
About: Son of the Chief of the Kawli tribe. He is a strong warrior and hunter. His mother died in childbirth with his younger sister.
Whilst he does not lack admirers his father has already given up on him ever finding a partner of the female variety, looking now to his sister to provide an heir.
I also use him as a shape shifter of a fae species.

Name: Kenway (Probably his surname but that's all people know.)
Age: 31
Height: 5'10
Hair/Eyes: Blonde/Green
Likes: Lace, silk, flirting, strawberries.
Dislikes: Messy kills (ruins his look), not being paid, nuclear power.
Family: Both his parents were killed when the first bombs dropped.
About: Assassin. Kenway carries a pistol and several daggers hidden on him. Occasionally uses a sword but doesn't like being too obvious when out and about. He is as ditzy as sin and has a fondness for wearing negligees or sexy lingerie. Considering he comes from a nuclear and war torn world he can blame it on pollution!
Wears a gas mask sometimes when the air isbad.
I'm not mad. I just live in a different reality to you.