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My characters!
« on: April 24, 2018, 08:19:17 am »

full name: Chase Atlantis Way
nicknames: Chasey, C
gender: male
orientation: homosexual
age: twenty
position: switch
piercings/tattoos: lor’s of tattoos on his body, piercings
Bio: Chase is a quiet, anti-social, hot-headed guy that owns a tattoo parlor. He’s highly invested in art and loves to express himself through the hobby. He can be quite an ass sometimes, so he’s not the best at making friends, but most of the time could care less about having peers. He is stubborn and will not show any fear when someone is trying to intimidate, in fact he’ll be so impulsive that he’ll do/say things any normal person would regret in rough situations. Never was a talker as a kid, not a talker now, but always had the pencil in his hand. He has a thing for biting, long mak-out sessions, piercings, tattoos, and topping.

Likes: Art, street art, music, ice cream, guys, smoking, alone time, quietness, feeling productive, peace, birds, photography, and the indoors.

Dislikes: Loud noises, slacking off, being interrupted while making art or smoking, annoying people, bitchy customers, showing his submissive side, accepting it when he’s wrong, seeking weak, and shorter days at the tattoo parlor.


— He has the habit of staring at people
— He will pick fights if he’s in a bad mood
— He lives alone in a studio apartment
— Likes to paint on his walls


full name: Noah James Sire
nicknames: N
gender: male
orientation: homosexual
age: nineteen
position: switch
species: vampire
piercings: yes

Bio: Noah is a rebellious boy who happens to be a pureblood vampire. He is quite rebellious and brave, definitely not afraid to take risks. When it comes to drinking blood, he can be quite picky with choosing the person to feed off of. If he happens to like a specific person’s blood very very much, he will start calling them his pet and never take his eyes off of them. If he doesn’t get his fix of blood, which by the way has been a situation that he’s very familiar with since he’d rather be parched instead of drinking blood that doesn’t satisfy his tongue, he’ll go absolutely crazy and might even be capable of killing someone.

Likes: abandoned carnivals, carnival themes, rides, blood, biting, strength, hunting at midnight, the woods, being in the dark, and soda, even though he can barely drink it.

Dislikes: the right type of blood, most humans, sleeping, the sun, bright areas, priests, churches, holy water, and people who pretend to be vampires.


full name: Lars Amari Cave
nicknames: Larsy
gender: male
orientation: homosexual
age: twenty one
species: human
position: bottom/sub

Bio: Lars is an albino that can communicate with the dead and is able to see ghosts. He’s had the ability to see souls ever since he was a child, when he was a teenager he picked up the ouji board and taught himself how to talk to the paranormal. He is always cold to the touch, it’s always cold inside of his home no matter the temperature it’s set to. He rarely expresses emotion, so he comes off emotionless, yet he can still feel emotions.

Likes: Ghosts, ghost stories, horror films, scented candles, candy apples, cheesecake, quietness, guys, cemeteries, hanging up Halloween decorations even when it’s noy Halloween.

Dislikes: Disrespecting the dead, not enough sugar in his coffee, bad horror films, the close minded, exercise, bad spirits.

Turn-ons: biting, spanking, pain, rough make-sessions, dominance, licking, neck kisses, being pinned against walls. 

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Re: My characters!
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