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My Oc
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Name: Gamma
Age: 24
DOB: July 7th, 1994
Build: Skinny
Height: 6 foot 1 inch
Weight: 137 lbs (62.1421546 kg)
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Style: Spiked
Eyes: Light Blue
Blood Type: B-
Tattoos: A black dragon on his back
Occupation: Mechanic
Race: White
Current Residence: Apartment in Chicago
Sexuality: Bisexual
Strengths: Can be serious at times, loves to cook, to be lazy
Weaknesses: Can't sleep well, hates to clean
Likes: Video games, reading, cooking,
Dislikes: Dogs, Playstation,
Favorite food: Macaroni and Cheese
Favorite subject: Art
Favorite color: Cyan
Least Favorite color: Dark Green
Favorite gemstone: Sapphire
Favorite metal: Tungsten
Music Preference: Rock
Left/Right handed: Right Handed
Favorite Animal: Snow Leopard
Preferred Pet: Cat
Instruments: Microphone, Keyboard
Fears: Bats, Heights, Drowning
Future goals: To sleep for 3 days in a row
Hobbies: Playing shooter games, writing stories
Personality: He loves to meet new people, and party. He doesn't enjoy being yelled at, and talking about his childhood.