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tleiaxu's perverse collection of semes
« on: March 18, 2018, 01:39:24 am »

Image (c) tleiaxu 2018, all mine because I drew it, so no stealies

Age: he looks like he's in his 20s, but who knows?
Setting: Fantasy
Physical description: Viridian is deceptively and hauntingly beautiful, with long black hair and pale skin.
Personality: Viridian is an evil force.  He manipulates people's minds and bends them to his will.  Entire worlds can fall before him. He brings winter with him wherever he goes and creates an atmosphere of unnatural cold. I swear I made him before there was ever such a thing as Elsa, and I kind of hate her for it.
Hobbies: Breaking in terrified uke slaves
Other facts: It's not easy, but Viridian could be brought down by a clever character resistant to his mind control powers.


Image (c) tleiaxu 2018, all mine because I drew it, so no stealies

Age: Early 30s
Physical description: Frederick is a handsome man with olive skin, brown hair, green eyes, and perma-stubble
Setting: Fantasy or historical
Personality: Frederick is a good leader, shouldering many burdens to protect his people from outside forces of evil. I don't envy anyone who mistreats his treasured slave, who he regards like a royal pet.
Hobbies: Going on long journeys to secure supplies and resources for his people, and also petting his slave (preferably neko).
Other facts: Frederick might spoil his slave but that won't stop him from a rough fuck, and he does enjoy doling out a good long spanking when his slave is naughty.


Image (c) tleiaxu 2018, all mine because I drew it, so no stealies
Lucian is the one standing, the smexy little strumpet under him is Wade, a uke mutant, who isn't mine

Age: 19
Physical description: Lucian is tall, slim, pale, and refined with long silvery hair and silver eyes. He wears ivory colored clothes exclusively.
Setting: Future, Sci-Fi
Personality: Lucian believes that he is vastly superior to the mutant rabble that flock the outskirts of the beautiful city where he lives. He has a deep cruel streak and doesn't mind hunting, kidnapping, and selling mutants into the collections of the rich and perverse. His father is a major collector himself. He does what daddy says, because daddy is even meaner than he is.
Hobbies: Mutant trading, and double-teaming mutants with daddy.
Other facts: Lucian is an intellectual with a dark side.  He probably would have turned out fine if his father hadn't screwed him up.


Image (c) tleiaxu 2018, all mine because I drew it, so no stealies

Age: 25
Physical description: Yaro is a russian dreamboat, about 5'11 with yummy blond curls. He isn't scared to be on the wild side with his fashion.  Think: holo, silver, gold, white leather, chains, tears, frays, and spikes.
Setting: Modern, urban
Personality: Yaro plays in a punk band.  He is the nicest seme I ever made. He is warm and cuddly and compassionate, the perfect comfort to any uke who's been abused a little too much.
Hobbies: Slappa da bass
Other facts: Yaro enjoys unicorn masks, glitter horns (?!?), and slapping random ass
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Re: tleiaxu's perverse collection of semes
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I want to keep the same. But some are very rare. How do I find it?