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Peicchi's Charas
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Heya, these are my characters. These characters are used for my prompts but if you have another idea and want to rp with any of them, feel free to tell me. My characters aren't exclusively bottoms or tops but some might lean more than the other. 

Name: Kazuki Sato
Age: 19
Height: 5'5"
Sexual Orientation: Pansexual
Kazuki once lived next to a wealthy merchant family in the countryside. Despite their wealth, they were kind-hearted people and he often went over to their house to play with their son. His father moved to Edo in hopes of finding a better job but they ended up in debt. Kazuki was the one who offered himself to be sold to a brothel. Since he entered the brothel, he's been trying his best to buy his freedom.

Cheerful and optimistic, Kazuki always tries to look at the bright side of things even in his current situation. In front of customers, he tries to put on a feminine persona but his real personality is more boyish. Around people he's comfortable with, he's more rugged and can be a bit crude. Kazuki is also extremely hardworking but has a tendency to take on everything himself due to his stubbornness, leading him to bottle up his stress.

-stories about travels
-friendly customers

-creepy or pushy customers
-being treated constantly like a girl
-pretentious people

-mostly bottom due to his appearance but occasionally tops and have female customers
-once wanted to be a samurai
-surprisingly strong for his build
-is known to protect his "big sisters" in the brothel by taking customers that make them feel uncomfortable
-wants to marry and have kids

Name: Kouta Ueno
Age: 29
Height: 5'10"
Sexual Orientation: Unknown

Since Kouta was a child, he had been studying hard to go to a good school and get a good job. Being the only child, he put a lot of pressure on himself to do well to take care of his parents. Because of this, Kouta spent the majority of his school years studying and neglecting his social life. While he isn't unlikable, he has few close friends and doesn't think about his love life at all. After graduating college, he immediately became an office worker and did not have time to do much else outside of work.

Kouta is a quiet and thoughtful person that don't display much emotions. Many think Kouta is a strict person but he is quite laid-back and easy to work with. He cares deeply about others and often goes out of his way to help them. Kouta is also the type of person who can't say no, making him a pushover and will accept any unreasonable tasks. He also can be naive about a lot of things that isn't about work.
-cute things
-running and exercising
-bitter foods
-peace and quiet

-almost all sweets
-loud and crowded places
-public transportation

-sleeps early unless he has to work overtime
-goes to the gym whenever he can
-almost never spends money and sends most of it home
-acts like an old man

Name: Morgan Waters
Height: 5'7"
Sexual Orientation: Homosexual

Morgan came from a big family, being the oldest of 4 siblings. Since he was a child, he always had been very active and participated in a lot of sports. Since middle school, he had been in the track and field team and is the current vice captain of his college team. While Morgan had a pretty normal life, he never had a chance to come out. Being in sports, he was always reluctant to come out and having no privacy at home made him unable to really explore his sexual desires. When he started dorming, Morgan found more freedom to do whatever he wanted and started to explore his sexual side.

After years of looking after his siblings, Morgan became a very reliable and hardworking person. He is very friendly and is often surrounded by many friends. While nice, Morgan is also a big worrywart and often nags his friends for doing reckless things. Morgan also lacks a lot of self confidence and often put himself down a lot.

-cleaning and organizing
-calming music
-video games

-messy rooms
-rude and overconfident people
-people smoking
-people commenting on his height

-he has never dated anyone or had sex and is scared to put himself out there
-never really fell in love
-Morgan thinks he's a very plain and boring person
-the only person that knows he's gay is his sister and a few close friends
-studying to be a teacher
-on a sports scholarship

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