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All I can think of for now
« on: November 01, 2017, 08:00:39 pm »
Muse A works in a big company for a sadistic, and spiteful perverse man who takes pleasure in destroying relationships around the company who is Muse B, but Muse A really payed attention to him since he was always more focused on his work. Until one day Muse B notices Muse A's crush, and soon begins to plan to break Muse A's heart by running off with his crush and tricking her into loving him instead. Which makes Muse A angry, and confused then grows spiteful towards his boss making sure that he can climb higher than Muse B and show off his power. But Muse B takes note of this, and starts to try and make sure Muse A stays down, and flirts with him consistently making sure he stays on top while toying with Muse A's heart, and Muse A unknowingly toys with Muse B's.

Muse A enjoys dressing up as the opposite sex, but the sad thing is he can't really do that since he's a male and feels like he would get made fun of for enjoying an activity like that, but little does Muse A know that Muse B has been stalking him for a while now and randomly bumps into him one day saying that he can possibly make Muse A a drag queen

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Re: All I can think of for now
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Can I publish it to people who need it?