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☪Little's Plot Bunnies [Open]☪
« on: June 19, 2017, 08:58:39 am »
LittleLeafy's Request Thread! Featuring... Plot Bunnies!

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About me.

。My name is Alex. You may call me Allie, Smol, or Leafy, You may also call me any quirky nickname you can create for me.
。I am nineteen years old, almost. Technically I'm still eighteen, but soon enough my friends. Soon I'll be one day older.
。I am a male, last time I checked...
。I enjoy OOC chatting/plotting on Discord or Kik. Can't use Skype most of the time due to it killing my data.

Rules to Roleplay.

。Respect; Show it to me, and I'll show it to you. If you're a disrespectful person to me, I won't tolerate you, even if you're my longest and most enjoyable roleplay. I will never show anything but respect to my partners. I'm very open minded and non-judgemental.
。Responce Time; A week at the most should be how long it takes you to reply to our roleplay. If you go over once or twice that's fine, or if you have personal issues. But I will not wait two weeks for a freaking post on a roleplay, it's ridiculous, and my muse will die very very quickly. I respond quickly, normally your reply will be done within the same day, or 1-2 days later. I am known to reply more than once a day.
。Responce Length; Three or more paragraphs. Two if talking or small parts, but never give me one. If you give me one paragraph I'll just really have no idea how to reply to you. I will always try to give you something to write with, something for your character to do or say... But you should have the creative flow to think yourself through situations. Or, you could always ask me to rewrite my post.
。OOC Chatting; We could do it through PM's, Skype[Limited], Kik, Discord, or I could be willing to download some other random app you prefer to do your plotting on. I find it very helpful when both people like to talk and share their ideas. If we don't talk at all, and just let the roleplay roll, I've found that it never lasts quite as long as one that is talked and slightly planned out with its events.
。Controlling; My characters are mine. I made them, I birthed them from my mind, which gives me full control and custody of their words and actions. I don't care why you did it, just don't do it unless I specifically tell you! I've only had this happen once, and I won't tolerate it from anyone.

My list of personality traits for my characters.

。One; Sweet, Shy, Timid, Stutters, Selective Mutist, Twitchy, Soft, Caring, Loving, Cute. My classic bottoms, often have a bit of flare to them!
。Two; Blunt, Cold, Aggressive, Bitchy, Bratty, Confident, Witty, Selfish, Rude. My violent switches, they have a soft side, and will only go with someone as a cunt as them.
。Three; Mentally insane, Sickly, Helpless, Needy, Clingy, Confused, Erratic, Multiple Personality. My broken ones. They could be either, or both... They're confusing.
。Four; Bubbly, Cheerful, Optimistic, Helpful, Calm, Non-Judgemental, Open, Playful. My calm/happy babies. These I use the least often, but they can be fun.

。Feel free to mix and match these together, it's just generally what kind of personalities I go for when describing a character, but don't feel like I'm limited to these.


Anything, I just need roleplays.


Multi penetration
Belly Bulging[Due to cock or cum]
Large/funky cocks
Thick/Large amount of semen.
Blood Play
Knife Play


World Building
Dark Themes
Slice of Life
Fandom: Pokemon, Tokyo Ghoul, Attack on Titan, Blue Exorcist, Vampire Knight, MLP, FNAF, K-Project...
Multiple Characters
Animal Shifters


Science Fiction
Robots[Some are okay, ask.]
100% Smut or Fluff
Being the Top, but I will double up
Topping a sissy


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Re: ☪Little's Plot Bunnies [Open]☪
« Reply #1 on: June 19, 2017, 09:00:11 am »
Roleplay Ideas!

The Reaper wears White.
The Grim Reaper[You] is an angel after millions of years and the scythe being passed down it lands in the hand of an angel born from god, who was originally thought to be a human boy. Now a human is bargaining his soul for his sisters, to be the apprentice to The Grim Reaper, one soul at a time.

MC is an imperfect dragon shifter finds himself falling head over heals with a local hunter boy, one who kills no more than he needs and admires the rushing river and shimmering lake with a lover's eye. And one day he finds that the man is watching him in an odd form that no human has ever seen.

Unexpected Christmas Surprise.
A rich man[you] finds what seems like a drunken young man[me] stumbling along the street past midnight. Suddenly the boy faints, on a snowing Christmas Eve the man decides to bring him home, figuring out he was pretty sick, not drunk.

Notes: There will be an age gap 18 to late 20/30. I want this to end up being a cute kind of romance, a young boy falling in love with an attractive man. Then the man falling in love with a cute boy and going through the teenage stage of love, and not exactly enjoying it. "I'm a grown man for god sake and he's only a child!" Haha.

Regaining Hope.
A hope-filled young art[Me] major finds herself working for a hope lost singer, who gave up his dream and instead built a coffee shop. They don't clash well as one is childish looking, young, and spilling with hope while the other is a hard working man, professional, and drained of his.

Counting Sheep
A boy[Me] is transported to a special world that is inside of his dreams! In the real world, he went into a coma. In his dream, he is running... Sparks coming from his fingers as shadows go to snatch at his feet, lights flashing and sirens blaring. His shirt covered in blood. What did he do!

Mental Boys
A schizophrenic boy[Me] is transported to a mental asylum, he is extremely twitchy, suffers from a few different personalities, talking to himself and his voices. He ends up meeting a phycopath[You], who helps him escape, and the boy even shows some signs of approvements! In the end... The psychopath was a made up illusion from his schizophrenic mind, and he wakes up to get the death penalty injection.

A young abusive boy[Me] has been stuck in a relationship from the age of sixteen to now nineteen. He has been pulled from the world, locked away in his house, bound by fear and threats. One day he seems to have just about enough in the middle of a beating, slamming a beer bottle against his boyfriend and running out of the house half undressed and barefoot. He ends up finding another man, not saying a word hiding behind him, clutching onto him desperately while his lover comes with blood oozing from the side of his skull.

Always Listening.
A boy[Me] knows very clearly he is being stalked by a man since middle school. Always getting creepy notes, and how he oddly got... anything he asked for. If he told his friends he wanted a new video game, it'd be found in his locker the next day with a little heart note on top. Now he finds himself in college, living alone for the first time. One night he wakes up to the cold metal of a knife touching his throat.


Fandom Roleplays!

It's Me, or a Metal Beam. Pokemon.


Golden Lily. Black Butler.
Modern Day, America.

MC is a simple boy whose father owns a very large company known worldwide by anyone and everyone. Little does he know through his sheltered life his parents kill, they're hitmen. One night when he was left home alone he was awoken by his mother violently, and suddenly he went into a seizure episode. The boy finds himself drowning, koi fish glimmering gold, flowers and fireflies sparkling around him. YC meets him at the bottom of the ocean, shall they make a deal to save his beloved family... For the simple price of his soul.

Curiosity Killed the Cat. Tokyo Ghoul.
A new ghoul[You] has entered the city, having trouble finding some hunting grounds as most places are claimed. Trying again to find a meal at an area around a local high school he comes face to face with a ghoul with a cat mask[Me]. They fight it out viciously, the new ghoul being run out. The next day it's that same ghoul showing him around the school... Though of course, neither of them know as the kid is quiet and seemed to be hated in the school[Me].

Coming Home. Tokyo Ghoul.
In NYC it's very rare for ghouls to show up, but there are families and strays who had run away to America. A boy[Me] was stripped of his family at a young age, the only reason he was saved was from another ghoul[You], taking him away. Ten years later now that he's twenty-one he has returned from America after going to Great Britain to live with his grandmother. Going to find a job at a local coffee shop he applies and meets the ghoul once again, having no memory of that night... but the ghoul can feel it, see the same look in that man's eyes.

Moon Demon Company. Seraph of The End.


His Favorite Color is Red. K-Project.
An older[the late 20's?] Homra member[You] stops in the middle of a mission to find a beaten bloody 'kid' collapsed[Me] on the sidewalk. No doubt from a Jungle member. He takes the kid back to the bar, feeling a sort of instinct kick in to protect the runt from further attacks. The kid comes back everyday, staying to do his work, or trying to follow the man into missions. It looks like he's got a pest to protect.