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Searching For Partners (Search Updated, Includes Fandoms)
« on: May 06, 2017, 09:01:24 pm »
You've probably already seen me post my one x one search on the thread but I've decided to edit it once again. The reason being is because I felt like that particular search was way too rushed, I was basically like "I'm going to copy and paste the same search that I did on one site, like two years ago and post it here and no one will know the difference." well judging by my lack of partners and the fact that I barely recognize anything that I've written, I'm guessing that was a pretty stupid/lazy/ too simple idea.  So enough about the small things, let me introduce myself for those who don't know me,  I'm a 21-year-old female writer and gamer who has come to these roleplay sites to find something to do over summer vacation and hopefully make some friends, since I am normally an antisocial anime lover who wants to dance around my room, sing songs, and play video games. Now I've been roleplaying for about 9 years now and I haven't roleplayed in a year due to school and health reasons so my skills are shall we say a bit rusty.

Some basic information about me before I get down to what I want to do and what I'm craving at the moment. I do not care which gender I play (male, female, genderless) it does matter with me or whether or not the orientation (male x male, female x female, male x female and so on and so forth). I have a main interest in sexual content roleplays (but not in roleplays where we jump straight to the sex about 40 % plot / 50 % sex if you will). The current genres I am interested in are; romance, slice of life, fantasy, drama, pregnancy, steampunk, fandoms (going from left to right is my most favorite and my least favorite at this point but it is bound to change). I will use face claims and will post around a paragraph to about three paragraphs but it depends on what my partner gives me and will post about three to five times a day depending on how busy I am. All I ask is that my partners keep in contact with me and don't automatically drop the roleplay because things aren't progressing and please post at least a small paragraph.

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Re: Searching For Partners (Search Updated, Includes Fandoms)
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Color Coded For Your Convenience
blue = ask me about this anytime
red = craving
<3 = plot

Supernatural and human parings
Werewolf x human or both<3
Fae x human or both
Vampire x human<3
Siren x --------
phoenix x dying princess<3
phoenix x hunter<3
Fallen Angel x Human<3
Supernatural Hunter/Partner
Supernatural Hunter/Client

Slice of Life
Dancer x Dance partner<3
Soldier/ soldiers wife a return home from tour<3
College student × exchange student
Bad Boy x New Girl
Country Singer/Pop Singer<3
Stranded Crash Survivors
Club Owner/Dancer<3
FBI Agent/Protect Witness
Singer/Band Manager<3
Band Member/Band Member
Lingerie Model/Photographer<3
Adult Film Star/Producer
Female Crime Boss/Undercover Agent<3
Casino Owner/Cocktail Waitress<3
Movie Star/Bodyguard<3
Movie Star/Director
Car Mechanic/Rich Woman
Crime Boss/Lawyer
Crime Boss/Police
Police Officer/Police Officer
Lonely Housewife/Neighbor's Son<3
prisoners kinda plot
Outlaw Biker/Police Officer
Female Gang Leader/Male Runaway<3
Country Girl/Country Boy/girl<3
Country Girl /City Boy/girl
City Girl /Country Boy/ girl
Normal Girl /Gang Member
Dancer /Normal Guy
Dancer /Jock of Any Sport
Dancer /star Player of Any Sport
Police Chiefs Daughter/Male Gang Member
Police Chiefs Daughter/ Male Gang Leader
Rancher's Daughter /Ranch Hand
Rancher's Daughter/ Ranch Foreman
Street Family

Assassin x Assassin
Knight in shinning armor x wanted Thief/ lost princess<3
Bounty hunter x Bounty
Witch and her Familiar
Salem witch x witch Hunter
Carvan Gypsy x Detective or Hunter

Gypsy x Gypsy other clan<3
Witch Gypsy/Knight
Witch Gypsy/Prince
Werewolf King/Baroness(Victorian Era)<3
Werewolf King/ Vampire Queen(Victorian Era)<3
Executioner/Evil Queen
Ice Queen/Fire King
Ice Queen/Ice Warrior
Dragon King/Human Queen<3
Dragon Rider/Dragon<3
Dragon Queen/Dragon Slayer<3
Dragon Queen/Dragon Guard<3
Enchantress/ King or human
Royalty x Non-Royalty
Arranged Marriage (several plots for this)<3<3<3
Assassin x Target
Princess x Prisoner
Mage Knight/Queen
Mage Knight/Princess
Demon Queen/Human Hero Bodyguard
Demon King's Daughter/Human Hero Bodyguard<3
Demon King/Female Human Bodyguard
Spider Queen/Knight
Scorpio Queen/ Knight or human or Spider king[/color]
Dark Elf Queen/Human Knight<3
Dark Elf king / human female<3
Alchemist/Countess Daughter<3

Pirate x daughter of a ex pirate captain
Goblin king x Dark Fae ( goblin king from the tenth kingdom
Greek Warrior/Greek Goddess
Female Demon/Priest
Female Demon/Demon Hunter
Pirate/Sea Goddess
Test Subject x Test Subject<3
Cirque Performer x Cirque Performer<3
Zombie or nuclear Apocalypse
Elf Princess /Elf Prince
Elf Princess /Elf Knight
Elf Princess / Elf Ranger
Elf Princess /Human Prince
Elf Princess /Human Knight
Elf Princess / Human Ranger
Female Werewolf Pack Leader /Male Werewolf Pack Leader
Female Vampire Clan Leader /Male Werewolf Pack Leader
Female Werewolf with Child /Male Werewolf Pack Leader
Female Vampire with Child/ Male Vampire Clan Leader

Something Futuristic
Time traveler x Back in time Character
Futuristic Apocalypse

Zombie Apocalypse
Demon Hunter/Doll<3
Angel/Devil's Mistress
Devil/ Devil's Mistress
Female Angel/Devil's Son

Pregnancy Related Pairings
Pregnancy Related Pairings
soldier x wife<3
king x wife x warlock<3
pregnant creature x scientist<3
pregnant escort x wealthy businessman

New Pairings
ice skater x manager<3
jazz singer x pianist<3
nurse x injured patient
dance teacher x student<3
ice skater x teacher<3
ice skater x trainer<3
ice skater x ice skater

Yuri on Ice
No Game No Life
Harry Potter
Sailor Moon
Dragon Age
Mass Effect
Final Fantasy
Sailor Moon
Once Upon A Time

Suggest other fandoms