Author Topic: Anyone up for some dark and gritty apocalyptic goodness? (Femme fatale wanted)  (Read 212 times)

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(Posting this here as well as the yaoi section as I would love to do a hetero version of this particular roleplay)


I am looking for someone whom to write with. As the title suggest I am in the mood for some hetero action. I am mainly interested in something dark and twisted, I would love to do a story set in an apocalyptic world infested with demons, although I am open for other settings as long as it falls under the dark and gritty category. I am in need of a strong willed, determinded and intelligent female character capable of packing a punch.

The story I have in mind, or the plot I would really like to use, is quite simple and straight forward.

I am thinking of something along the lines of past partners/lovers that ends up meeting again after many years apart. There are a lot of unanswered questions, heartbreak and a string of broken promises. What once was is no more and all that is left between them is bitterness and resentment.

The story will focus on world building, character development and realistic relationship progression.

Like I mentioned earlier, I need a female that can challenge my character both physically and mentally, a femme fatale if you will. Supernatural elements are much welcome, both in terms of magic and unexplainable phenomens, as well as monsters and creatures only found in books. I should mention that I am a big fan of demons as well as angels.

If this sounds like something for you, send me a message.

*Only serious inquiries please. I am only interested in roleplaying with someone that is genuinely interested, who is willing to put time and effort into the story, and who is dependable yet patient.



Quick and easy

Post length: Strong/Multi paragraph
RP experience: 12 years and counting
Posting speed: turtle
Post frequency: 1-3 times a week
Post perspective: Third person past tense
Literacy level: advanced to very advanced
RP method: forums, google docs, mail, skype..
Preferred position: Dominant/switch
Favorite genres: Horror, dark, supernatural/paranormal, historical, post-apocalyptic..

In depth

✦ As a personal preference I am most comfortable when playing a more dominant role. This does not mean that I am looking for a submissive partner whom to write with. I prefer partners leaning more towards dominant such as myself. There is nothing like two strong willed minds battling it out.

✦ As a general rule those who want to play with me have to be prepared to switch things up. Do not expect me to top every time (this mainly goes for male x male pairings) just like you should not expect me bottom all the time. I believe that switching keeps it interesting.

✦ I may occasionally agree to roleplay with a power bottom, but be so kind to keep those whiny, can't seem to do much of anything except cry and get into trouble, and helpless ukes away from me.

✦ Beside from yaoi I also do hetero, so if you are looking for some man on woman action do not be afraid to shoot me a message. I play exclusively as male, however if the roleplay calls for a sister, temptress or a maid, I will agree to write female side characters.

✦ The plot should always come first in a roleplay no matter what. I am sorry, but if you are expecting our characters to end up doing the naughty only after a couple of replies you have come to the wrong place, I am not wired like that. Smut should come naturally as the story progresses.

✦ I find a story to be much more interesting and interactive when the outcome of where it will go is a mystery. Of course, the general idea of our storyline must be established before the rp even begins, but sitting back and allowing the chips to fall where they may is a lot more entertaining than having a set itinerary of what our characters will be doing.

✦ I am not fond of the whole "love at first sight" deal and prefer a more natural relationship development. Instant attraction is one thing, but please none of that "I'm hot, you are hot, lets hook up" before our characters have had the chance to get to know each other, capiche?

✦ I only use original characters

✦ Only 18+ characters please

✦ I have a thing for the dark, twisted and downright strange. Over the years I have developed a minor (huge) obsession with demons and the like. I also take great pleasure in graphic roleplays containing violence, gore and blood.

✦ I am incredibly picky regarding whom I chose to write with. Be aware that I will look over your recent posts to see whether we make a good fit. If I think our writing styles do not match I will have to decline.

Yay: Well thought out characters, world building, focus on details, chatting outside of RP's, realistic relationship progression, romance, gore, drama, reliable partners, steady replies..

Nay: Poorly developed characters, smut driven roleplays, lack of communication, angst competitions, one liners..
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