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~Sly's Non-Yaoi Little Box of Filth~ [CLOSED]
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Not interested in new rp at this time

This is a non-yaoi base thread so hetero plots, yuri etc. are included. However my preferences and rules in rps, kinks and pairings of interest remains the same as my yaoi thread.

Here's the link for the yaoi thread if somehow you're interested in that one instead of this one>>

About Me

~ I tend to write about 1-2+ paragraphs, depending on where we are on the story this may differ but nonetheless I like meaty and detailed paragraphs and if you want more from me just ask so ^^
~ I mostly do the submissive roles but I do dominant roles as well, but I will be more on the less dominate side of it. Sorry I can't do seme/dominate (; >x<)
~ I'm detailed when it comes to bedroom scenes and smutty parts of the story ^^
~ I'm sorry if I pester you about role-playing, please tell me if you're not interested because I'd rather that then ditching me. And don't bother to even rp with me if you will do so in the future.
~ I'm literate/semi-lit, again this differs in where we are in the story
~ If you have any story suggestions please feel free to speak up ^^
~ I am patient but like said before I need to know if you are interested or not. Otherwise I understand that there are things going on in life so I'm sorry if I nag at you by accident and please tell me if I do so. I apologize in advance.
~ I'll prefer if you use PM to talk to me when discuss plots than e-mails. I'm okay with public threads too ^^
~ I don't mind at all when role-playing fandoms but please understand that I might not know most of them.
~ I'm constantly online and reply daily, and that would be cool of you if you're online frequently or every now and then.
~ Please be direct. Poke me or nag me if I reply too late or if I did something wrong, I don't get offended so please tell me.
~ I would tend to say sorry a lot so please don't mind that
~ I'm very open to creative kinks, characters and setting/storyline
~ I'm flexible when it comes to AUs and OCs, so if you want to rp any fandoms with AUs or OCs (or both xD) the please tell me so ^^

What I look in Partners

~ To be flexible and creative with plots and characters
~ Detailed in smutty scenes ( *w*)
~ To write at least 1 or 2 paragraphs, but of course I know that this can differ in the plot but of course I prefer to have detailed and meaty paragraphs
~ Active and online frequently. If you're going to be busy then please tell me before hand and tell me afterwards when you're back on. I do understand that you all have lives so please notify me if you're busy and such.
~ To be of the dominant role.
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