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How's Thom's RPing?
« on: April 11, 2016, 01:32:35 am »
So I've noticed that my writing ability has been improving over time. I notice something wrong with it, change it, fix it, improve it, and get better. I'm actually really embarrassed to reread what I used to write. Obviously, I'm not perfect, so I was thinking that I ask you guys for advice! Remember, I need constructive criticism. You don't have to tell me I'm amazing and perfect. Actually, I prefer not to hear that because it's not helpful. However, I do need you to tell me why you like what you like and why you dislike what you dislike. I need this so I can improve, so I need more to work off of other than "you're awful" or "you're amazing!" Besides, we all know that the second one is a lie.

What do you think I do well?
What do you think I do poorly on?
How could I improve?
What should I keep the same?
How is my creativity?
How is my word choice? How could I improve my word choice?
Any other advice for me?

I might add questions to this list later so if I do that you can always just edit your post and add the answer to your new question or you can go about just answerign it in a reply. You can also go about reanswering everything if you this that your advice has changed as my writing changed through edits or a new post. Just let me know (through a reply to this thread) if you've edited your post so I know that I have to go back to it for more advice!

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