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Character Profiles / Jackson Pierce
« Last post by momo on Today at 04:34:30 am »


Police costume (for stripping show)

Jackson Pierce
Gender: Male
Age: 23
Sexuality: Bi

Growing up, Jackson had an abusive father which drove his mother into sickness. His father eventually left them when Jackson was at the age of 13 but his mother was became both mentally and physically ill that she could no longer work. Jackson worked multiple jobs to support the both of them.

His mother stayed at the hospital whilst Jackson lives by himself at home. Was planning to work full time jobs instead of going to university, due to their financial issues. But without Jackson's knowledge, his mother had already paid upfront for his university fees.

Now, Jackson is a second year university student. He's still working along with his studies to become a doctor. Towards the end of his first year at university, Jackson has come to realise that working normal part-time jobs barely pays his bills as well the hospital bills.

He eventually turned to becoming a stripper at a bar which is exclusively for aristocrats. Since starting becoming a stripper, he has a confident persona on as he does his shows. However, he had to make sure that no one finds out about his occupation. Therefore he doesn't have any friends at his university and is often cold towards those who try to approach him. Despite his bright pink hair which attracts a lot of attention.
Character Profiles / momo's characters box
« Last post by momo on Today at 04:28:48 am »
Here's are my character dump box.
Ignore please, I know it looks crappy right now.

I'll be adding more characters.

- momo
Yaoi One on One Requests / Re: Bondage RP Wanted!!!
« Last post by KissingFrogs on Today at 12:02:35 am »
Yaoi One on One Requests / Re: An index of perverted plots...sekes, doms ukes..
« Last post by LonelyBells on August 19, 2017, 06:30:48 pm »
Added a uke plot
Yaoi One on One Requests / Re: JimothyKudos One Piece RP Search
« Last post by JimothyKudos on August 19, 2017, 06:26:57 pm »
Yaoi One on One Requests / Re: Open For Business v1.0
« Last post by v1v2 on August 19, 2017, 04:27:01 pm »
Might need this for later
Yaoi One on One Requests / Open For Business v1.0
« Last post by v1v2 on August 19, 2017, 04:22:45 pm »
Greeting and welcome one and all. v1v2 here. Live! and in Color!*


Cool. So I'm here to look for a couple role-plays to burn away some extra ideas floating around in my head and to kill off a bit of time. Word of warning though before we continue - I'm a fairly busy person, I'll do what I can to shoot a reply a day though (sometimes more sometimes less). Have no problems writing anywhere from a couple of sentences to multiple paragraphs - in all honestly depends on my mood, post lengths as a whole are pretty much a non-issue for me.

Usually play top or switch, don't mind playing bottom - prefer the characters and their personalities to not be defined completely by their role in bed (unless it's just like... pure smut or something, suppose anything goes in that case haha). Usually am a fan of 50/50 plot-smut. I enjoy throwing in multiple supporting characters and whatnot, however I plan on only having one main character. I love fantasy, horror, sci-fi, and modern-fantasy settings. Preference for older characters, or ones with athletic builds - on the flip-side, not a fan if their defining trait is 'cute'. Open to most kinks, just discuss beforehand if you'd like something to be in and I'll give you my comment on it (99% of the time it'll be 'whatever, cool'). I'm not too big on fandoms (they're settings can be cool though). All in all pretty chill, or at least I like to think that I am.

Cliff Note$

   → Adhere to Site Policy. (i.e 18+ only)
   → Can write anything from from a couple of sentences to multiple paragraphs
        → Fantasy, Modern-Fantasy Settings are loved
        → Older/Athletic characters also loved
→ Not a huge fan of the overly cute or the diabetes sweet
   → 3rd Person Format
   → OOC is chill
→ Not a fan of fandoms
→Fandom settings can be chill though
→ Top/Switch (no problem bottoming)
→ 50/50 Plot-to-Smut (honestly depends though)
→  Open to mostly whatever. Just discuss first.
→ Don't (constantly) poke me to reply

Plot$ (abridged)

Anything marked with a * means I'll play either character. Otherwise my preference is the first one listed

→  Stranger/Adventurer
Fantasy. Legend has it that he who conquers the trials and challenges of the Geddon pilgrimage shall be awarded any wish of their choosing once they reach the God's Steppe at the end of their journey. For years many an adventurer has tried, and failed, to make the journey. A is one such character, ambitious but down on his luck, lacking in connections unable to secure any spot in a group willing to undertake the journey - that is until a fated encounter with a mysterious stranger (B) whom offers a shady promise of a guaranteed completion of the pilgrimage.

→  Demon (Incubus)/Thief*
Modern/Modern-Fantasy. A infamous thief undertakes the heist of the century, securing a rare and valuable artifact recently put on display at his country's national museum. While all seems to be going well, the sudden hubbub and commotion causes the magical bindings of the bauble to unravel, eventually causing it to shatter and freeing the being trapped inside.

→  Vampire/Vampire Hunter
Medieval-Fantasy/Modern-Fantasy/Horror. Humans aren't extinct but the lot of them have been forced into hiding. Large cities remained abandoned, settlements largely destroyed. Vampires, now dominating the top of the food chain, relentlessly hunt whatever humans now remain. Hunters, specially trained individually capable of handling vampires and the monstrosities they become when blood-crazed, are the sole individuals protecting humanity from total extinction however they fight a losing war. When all seems lost an unexpected ally comes from the vampires themselves with an offer to turn the tables.

→  Fallen Gladiator/Rising Star*
Modern-Fantasy. Magic and Swordsmanship has become a bit of a spot in modern society. Countries send their best to compete in massive international tournaments when the best combatants are revered and showered with praise and wealth. Char1 was one such individual, rising to the top of the ranks and defeats anyone and everyone with ease and showmanship. However his arrogance would end up being his downfall, resulting in an event that leaves him denounced and hated by nearly everyone. Years later, now living in the shadows, Char2 catches his eye. Though the fighter shows remarkable promise, he lacks direction and ambition. With some guidance, maybe just maybe he'd be capable of rising to the top.

→  Military Agent/Civilian
Horror/Sci-Fi. Mysterious over-night an outbreak occurs that kills off anyone it comes into contact with and causes them to reanimate as the undead. In the suddenness of it all the city predictably falls into panic and anarchy. Military is sent in to contain the situation, rescue civilians and neutralize any threat they see fit. However, it would seem that there is something far more sinister afoot than the shambling undead wandering the streets. (Think Resident Evil)

→  Research Lead/Lost Society
Fantasy/Sci-Fi. Char1 is head of an ambitious expedition to find other inhabitable planets for the human race. Decades of research and planning has led him and his team to a completely untouched planet hidden at the very edge of the universe... to which he makes a crash landing onto. Though he survives all of his equipment is either left destroyed or useless. The team, now on their own, must survive until they are rescued and face the dangers and the planet's inhabitants (friendly or otherwise) head-on.

→  Assassin/New Assassin*
Modern/Modern-Fantasy/Medieval. The career of killing people isn't one people can chose willingly. Those who show potential are watched, stalked, and eventually kidnapped. No matter who they were or what they did in society, all given given just one choice. Join us, or be killed by us.

→  Enemy General/Rebel Leader*
Medieval. Country A is a massive empire hellbent on eternal war and conquering everything and every one. Their most recent acquisition,
 a small Country B, has proven to be a constant, rebellious thorn at their side. After years of non-compliance and rebellion the leaders despatch a special task force to Country B with only one goal - Destroy the resistance, and break their morale and their leaders using whatever means necessary.

→  Brother/(Demon)Brother*
Modern-Fantasy. In the harsh world of modern-day society, two brothers are living together to support one another. Times however take a turn for the worst after a sudden car crash kills off one of the brothers and leaves the family in further financial ruin. Months pass and the situation doesn't seem to get better when all of a sudden the deceased sibling pops right back up at their doorstep. Though he seemingly looks and acts the same, something is still a bit off.

→  Stranger/Detective
Horror. Char A is a cop researching a string of recent disappearances in a small town out in the middle of nowheresvilleland. The most recent disappearance being that of his partner whom had been investigating the case far longer and even dared to visit the town himself. Now A choses to follow in the footsteps of his lost comrade, visiting the town and hopefully making sense of what is actually going on there. However he soon finds that this is no ordinary town, and its inhabitants are far more welcoming. (think Silent Hill)

→  Your Plots
If you have any, let me know. Don't necessary have to do the ones listed above.

*Not actually live. Color only available while supplies last
Leaving/Busy / Re: Sky's Palaver
« Last post by ♕☾ᔕKY ᖇEEᗪ☽♕ on August 19, 2017, 12:21:47 pm »
No day off this week, supposedly I am going home tonight.  But I am working 3 extra more days.  Please bear with me.  One resident leaving, and one is giving me a hard time, getting later and later to be put to bed, so I have no more free time at night, and so tired.  I will try this afternoon on my break, if I don't take a nap or too sleepy that had to take a nap.  Apologies again
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