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Yaoi One on One Requests / Re: Raine's hunt for partners.
« Last post by rainekain on Today at 02:59:33 am »
It started out as some insults on their forums, nothing important, then it turned to threats to expose them.   

Who were they that they had to worry about exposure? The church of course.  However their division of the church was more, interactive than the rest of it.  And no they didn’t do P.R. 

They were Division 13, they were the vampire and demon hunters, the exorcists that were only seen in movies and animes.  Some toted holy artifacts and blessed guns, some just had serious skills; others were half-breeds, angry with their vile parent who created them, and not through the most caring of ways. 

However as their church website was turned into hardcore gay porn, with pop ups galore of gun toting priests, not to mention other things that did not look appropriate for priests.  Their accounts with spending on arms and weapons manufacturers, among other things.  Then there was the smack at the Vatican too, and all of that was racey enough to have anyone who glanced at it in jail and buried there when they die. 

However, the techs really liked the girl on girl action, and got chastised for their inappropriate behavior.  They had a job to do and did not have time for that!  People went to these websites looking for religious guidance!  And this was just hateful!

The Church of Michael was in for it.  Already people calling and their phones flooded.  Their e-mails hacked. They had servers going down, and the virus was situated on their systems and infecting other systems.  After several hours, and even the government intervening, the techs were stumped.  They had unplugged the computers and shut them all off, but they had been hacked completely.  Even with no power, people were rerouted to a copy of the site. 

Their technicians were nothing compared to this legendary trio called Ghost A.I.  However one of the men found something in some of the chaos, An e-mail that said ‘Halp plz’.  All the rest of the spam mail was porn with the regular advertisement for such depravity.  Perhaps because it said ‘halp’, it got his attention and he looked in it.  Not like he could do anything if there was a virus in there. 

The whole system was fu-bared, they were even disconnected from the internet, and the network unplugged; still it was happening as phones all around went off Still.  They were trying to take it apart so they could clean that code out.   

What he found was encoded, but it was a video, and he called his supervisor, followed by some of the higher ups and irate hunters.  When he hit play, they saw a young man, probably no older than his mid twenties if that.  He looked like he had been crying, his cheek bruised and his lip busted, his black hair with tinges of green was mused.  “Hi,”  He sounded like he had been screaming.  “I don’t know where I am, but I left a way to track me.  I’m too weak and scared to disobey them too much.  So come kick their asses for being bullies.” 

He was holding his tears back, but they heard the sob before the video ended.  The tech looked the video, “the video was made over a month ago.”

 A voice from behind them all got their attention.  “I’ll go get ‘im if he’s alive.  If not, I’ll clean up that mess.”  A man commented.  He was dressed like a priest, with a heavy black duster that looked as if it had seen better days.  “can ya find ‘im?” 

“I can try,” the tech commented, and he and others went about tracing it, finding it and pinpointing it to a big city north of them, by a few thousand miles.  He would have to fly up there.  Luckily they had their own plane, so getting through security would not be that bad.  Several of the ‘Priests’ were going. 

Lee had been pacing his prison.  He unleashed his program, that took weeks of programming, on the Church; this way they could disconnect him from the internet before he could do something he was not suppose too.  However the file was large enough that slipping in a video in one of the hundreds of thousand of e-mails that would be overloading their mail servers.  It was a risk, as he couldn’t hide it too much or they would never find it, yet he felt he shouldn’t have done it.  He didn’t want to stay here any longer.  But he was not going to be released by these monsters….

The last few months, he had been abused, threatened, thrown around and fed from. He was captive to a bunch of Vampires who did as they liked with him, and used him for a snack while fucking his brains out.  Apparently being injured and drained and unable to function, someone, the leader most likely, brought him in a bodyguard.  After all, being a compliant little whore was easier than getting beaten and killed, or turned into one of them. 

His bodyguard was called Vencel, and he not only protected Lee from the vampires, but laid down the law to Lee, then humiliated him to make a point.  His protector was also to keep him in line. And Lee learned from their first meeting that Vencel was not to be messed with. 

Vencel had stripped Lee of his clothes, then at sword point (a fucking sword!), forced him to walk the house naked, or get raped by the sword.  Needless to say Lee walked the halls, much to the amusement of the Vampires there; however Vencel did kill the one who slapped Lee’s ass, to make a point to the vampires that they were nothing to him.  And when Lee thanked him, Vencel smacked his face and told him to walk, busting his lip and blackening his eye.  His point had been made, he had a job to do, and those that did not comply would be beaten or removed. 

Vencel was a work of art with fiery red hair with black streaks, and his eyes were dark with a ring of red.  He was also tall and nicely buffed, not overbearingly so; he was dressed in a suit all the time of black, but it suited him.    He had such a vicious, deadly expression, but sometimes, when he spoke to Lee, he would smile and look oh so sweet. 

After the first time Lee tried to escape, Vencel broke his leg using just a single kick.  Lee hadn’t gotten far, just a few steps down a flight of stairs and there was Vencel, standing there with a smirk.  Then Vencel moved fast, and that kick landed, Lee felt it.  He was then dragged back and tended to by the very man who broke his leg!

So Lee took to staring at Vencel, not saying anything to him, just sitting there obediently as his computer worked when he was not needed.  Vencel had a death glare, and it was unintentional, and Lee would often fidget under that gaze that was locked right on him. 

Right now he was pacing a trench in the floor, hugging himself.  He knew that Vencel was going to slaughter him this time. 

Lee paused as he heard voices outside his door.  Vencel was always outside his door, but never came in, knowing Lee to be obedient when called.  Lee jumped when the voices quieted and a knock came on his door.  He heard that pleasant voice, Vencel was calling him.  “Come out.  You are wanted.” 

Vencel never had to enter Lee’s prison until now as Lee refused to answer even a second time that Vencel knocked.  Lee whimpered as the door opened, Vencel looking angry, and his dark eyes were darker it seemed.  Maybe it was his imagination. 

Vencel stepped in, and Lee could only stare in fear before scrambling back on the cot and into the corner, hands over his head, “Please Don’t kill me!  I’m sorry I won’t do it again! I don’t wanna Die! Ple-AHHH!” 

Lee cried as Vencel hauled him up by the hair, Lee grabbing the man’s wrist, following to keep from hurting.  “Vencel, we need him alive.”  Vencel paused, a knife in hand.  A voice however was stopping him, the ones who knew where what he wanted was at.  “Vencel please.  He said he was sorry.” 

“He needs to be chastised for his behaviour.  He begged for their help.”  Vencel returned, looking down at the weakling.  It was staring up at him with that pitiful expression and those wet green eyes.  He did not like this feeling it inspired.  He looked at his knife and heard Lee whimper, the man closing his eyes and trembling in terror, trails of tears down his face.  “Give him to me to punish for this.  I will find a punishment that will not disrupt his abilities to work.”  Vencel sighed, frowning slightly at the whimpering thing in his grasp.

“As you wish Vencel.”  That man said, and he turned and left.  Vencel let go Lee’s hair, and then pushing him down on the bed, using that death glare on the weakling.  Lee was obedient, but kept murmuring ‘please don’t kill me’ over and over again.  He smirked as Lee gave a cry when saw the knife came at him, but instead of cutting him, it cut his clothes.  Vencel cut the cloth off, noticing Lee was very still, but his sobbing had ceased, as did his murmuring. 

Vencel eyed Lee, wondering at this change, but continued to cut clothes out of the way. 

Lee’s breath hitched, and he didn’t want to squirm as that knife got close to personal areas.  Though with Vencel hovering over him all dominate and sexily, Lee was getting slightly excited by the man.  Must be Stockholm Syndrome.  When it was safe too, Lee hedged back some, getting his ruined clothes out from under him to toss across the room.  Looking up at Vencel as he edged back, the man watching him.  Lee came to a stop in the corner away from Vencel.  Lee took a shaky breath, “please don’t fuck me with the knife.” 

Vencel smirked, chuckling, and he sounded so pleasant.  “I won’t do that, that would kill you.  I can however find other things to fuck you with that you will survive.”  He put his knife away, standing up, motioning Lee to follow.  He sighed as Lee stayed put, and he paused, still he did not hear Lee move.  When he turned, Lee was moving, and fell off the bed.

 “I’m coming!  I’m sorry I’m slow!”  He got up, and with his head bowed, shuffled along behind Vencel, who had to stop a couple of times to wait on Lee.  Lee was trying his hardest to not hasten his pace, but his leg in a cast made trying to keep up with the man’s long strides a really good excuse. 

“You are about to make me angry.”  Vencel turned, and he saw many of the people of this hide out looking at Lee lustfully.  Lee looked up at him, then hurried up with a whimper.  Vencel sighed, “You only prolong the inevitable with this wasting of time.”  He motioned for Lee to walk past, which he did. 

“At least as long as I prolong it it’s not happening.”  Lee commented, flinching a little, he heard Vencel snort.  Then realized he was chuckling. 

“True enough, but I do have a duty to perform.  You must be taught who you are to serve.”  Vencel lead Lee to a room.  It had a comfortable looking bed, a bedside table, and a dresser.  Vencel shut the door behind them, but didn’t say anything as he walked in over to the dresser.  He pulled out shackles, not just any shackles, ancient, heavy chains and long cuffs that would take up his entire forarm.  Vencel turned to see the wide eyed look on the weakling as he stared at those shackles.  Lee Shaking his head, and giving Vencel a pleading look. 

“Please, whatever you are gonna do, don’t.  You don’t have too.  I could serve you!  Just not those suckers out there!”  Lee looked up as Vencel approached him.  He took a step back, then stopped, not wanting to anger this guy, after all he was pretty abusive when he wanted to be.  Lee didn’t fight as his arms were shackled behind him.  And he felt the chain go up behind him, and then Lee’s arms were hauled up, forcing him to bend over.  It was painful, and when he started to cry and whimper at the pain, Vencel stopped pulling.  Lee was left on his toes, trying to keep the weight off his arms.  “It’s gonna break my arms!”  Lee complained, tilting his head, and looking up at Vencel fearfully. 

Vencel tilted his head to look at his trembling victim, and smiled sweetly, and as if talking to a mere child, “Your arms won’t break.”  He chuckled, “They’ll dislocate first.”  That said, he went back to that dresser, and Lee whimpered. 

Lee heard him rummaging around and he started pleading again, “Vencel, please, don’t do this.  I’ll behave.  You don’t have to go this far.  I’m just scared and alone, and you’re mean.  Abusive even.  The only thing you got going on is a sexy ass.” 

“Maybe a gag would be a better next item.”  He picked that up, and Lee fell silent, shaking his head.  Vencel paused, then turned back to ‘looking’ for something.  No, going through the drawers and pulling out items was to idle and make Lee fear.  However at Lee’s next words, he knew this one was like no other he had met. 

“Do you have cock bindings in there too?  Maybe some nipple clamps, because I’m a freak like that.”  Lee commented, despite the terror, he grinned.  Vencel turned about, grabbing one of the said items he did indeed have.  He was panting in fear and pain and a little excitement. 

“Most that I have played with, they don’t even try to joke.”  Vencel came over, then leaned down, looking at Lee.  “They are normally a sobbing mess by now.”  He forced Lee too look up at him, “you think this is not serious.  Because when I’m done with you, you will be a slave.” 

“I’m sure I’ll be a sobbing mess soon enough.”  Lee commented, but looked up worriedly when he was forced to look at Vencel.  He sniffled, and laughed, “hey, might as well enjoy my way onto slavery.  I’m going to be a sex slave right?”  Lee grinned, and even though his arms hurt, he shifted and wiggled some, almost excitedly, “You’ll be my wonderful master won’t you?”   

Vencel smiled, nodding, not believing this guy.  “Well, you will be an interesting one.  I hope you don’t break fast.” 

“Like glass in a earthquake, I’mma break a lot.”  Lee nodded, and shivered as Vencel moved, and he felt those warm hands on his cock, and the bindings being tightened on it.  “Ahh!  Ohh!” Lee winced, “That’s tight!”  He whined, making Vencel laugh, but it was obvious why, his cock was getting hard.  Then Vencel used a urethra plug, and Lee squirmed against it, but Vencel got it in and locked it in place.

Vencel looked at the little weakling, smiling, then stood up.  He smacked Lee’s ass, hard enough to leave a white hand print, and Lee screamed, pulling at his bindings, sending his captor a nasty glare.  “I have a holy paddle too.”  He walked over to the dresser, not bothering with trying to terrify the young man.  He returned with more toys, “Let’s see how many days you can last.” 

He laughed at the weaklings terrified expression. 

Vencel would never foul himself with such a creature, so it was only objects and other toys.  He even had some of those vibrating balls that he stuffed in the mortal, and they were AC Adaptable.  And gagging him, no need to now, all Lee did was beg and scream.  The nicest thing Vencel did for the man was give him enough slack he could bow down on the floor with his wiggling ass in the air.  The last thing he needed was the boy passing out and dislocating his arms.  Those Lee needed for his work. 

Vencel would leave, then come back and do things, like spank the boy with that paddle, or use the bull whip, hot candle wax; and Lee’s screams echoed through the place.  Most times, Lee passed out in the middle of a session.  When he didn’t,  just before Vencel left again, he would crouch down, and flick the head of Lee’s cock, making the boy cry and squirm and plead as the plug there vibrated in the shaft. 

Vencel didn’t speak anymore to him, really no point as it was obvious that the weakling was not able to form anything coherently but the begging.  However, Vencel did give him pleasure several times, letting him come.  It was disgusting, but soon Lee was starting to look at him it was with a very adoring expression.  He looked so obedient then, and was as he bound Lee’s cock once more, plugging it.

And Since Lee was being good, Vencel shifted the boy but still had him restrained, but in a more comfortable position; if sitting on vibrating items and phallic devices while tied to a chair could be comfortable.   His arms were secured to the back of the chair, and his legs tied to the legs of the chair. 

Then Lee could suffer not being permitted an orgasm again until he felt like letting the boy cum again. 

And Poor Lee was left like this for a few days, with no food and no water.  Of course his struggles weakened, and he was barely conscious most the time.  At least when he passed out he was already sitting down. 

Yaoi One on One Requests / Re: Pixies Original and Fandom Plots
« Last post by Pixie on December 10, 2017, 05:47:50 pm »
Yaoi One on One Requests / Dark demon's 1 to 1 request thread [open]
« Last post by ♱Dark demon♱ on December 10, 2017, 04:55:57 pm »
Please do not post here, Personal message me instead thank you.

Welcome to my 1 to 1 search thread,

My name is Dark demon, you can go ahead and call me Demon. I am a literate writer based in the UK and I'm in the hope of seeking new partners.  I have recently come back from hiatus due to real life problems killed my creativity.  But now things are calm again, I am able to think more about the Rp's rather than what's going on in real life.

I am in my mid twenties, I have been on this site for quite some time now and really stepped up my game in terms of how I role play. I would like to find a handful of partners that share the same values and expectancy.

What I can give you as a partner

♦ I am a seme, seke, uke. My preferred role is Dominant Uke, or power bottom.  I will be more than happy to Double for you.
♦ I am a long avid poster. I like filling my post's with lost of detail and descriptions. I like getting to the heart of the matter and know my character they are my precious babies after all!
♦ I am very committed, I like sharing ideas throughout the planning and throughout the RP.
♦ I can play more than 1 character.
♦ I can do Fandoms OC's and cannon characters.
♦ I can respond quite frequently. I am am ACTIVE poster. But I am also patient.

What do I require from you? and want from the RP

♦ I am currently looking for Tops or submissive seme's. But no hidden Ukes please!
♦ I am looking for ACTIVE writers.  Anything longer than 3+ weeks without any messages  I will assume it's dead.
♦ Please be honest if you're no longer interested in the RP. I am fed up of stupid excuses or people setting me up thinking that they're interested when in-fact they're not.  I am a big girl I can take a very good hint that you're not enjoying it. I will not be mad. But don't string me along.
♦ I am looking for those that share a good imagination and add a healthy contribution and not just relay on me to do the work.

Assassination Classroom
Black butler I and II
Black dagger brother hood
Dark series
Free! Eternal summer
Harry potter
Lord of the Rings
BBC Sherlock Holmes Version

All done.
I had some stuff come up today, doing it now.
Yaoi One on One Requests / Re: JimothyKudos RP Search (One Piece + Other Fandoms)
« Last post by JimothyKudos on December 10, 2017, 05:28:08 am »
Introductions / Re: Hello
« Last post by ♕☾ᔕKY ᖇEEᗪ☽♕ on December 10, 2017, 01:12:53 am »
Hey there! Interesting name you got there.  Care to share how you got it?  Welcome, welcome to the forum.  :hi:

I am the resident handy man on board, so if you need help with anything, feel free to hit the report button,  fastest way to get a hold of me,  pushing my buttons.  XD  Please take the time to read the rules of the forum and if you have questions or help, the fastest route is the report button at the button of this page.

Welcome again!

Introductions / Re: Hello.
« Last post by ♕☾ᔕKY ᖇEEᗪ☽♕ on December 10, 2017, 01:09:25 am »
Welcome to the forum!  I do hope you find everything you need here.  I am the resident handy man on board, so if you do need anything feel free to hit me up or a much quicker way is to use the report button.  But other than that please take the time to read the rules of the forum and if you have any questions, feel free to ask.  Again, welcome and have fun here! :yay:

Yaoi One on One Requests / Re: Nekos RP Chamber - Part Deux
« Last post by ~NekoUke~ on December 09, 2017, 11:15:17 pm »
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