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Yaoi Group Requests / Re: Idea: Erotica Enclosure [Seeking 5]
« Last post by Requiem-drake on Today at 11:44:54 am »
oooh that sounds interesting
Introductions / Re: Helooo~ Rejoining
« Last post by LonelyBells on Today at 04:58:54 am »
Hi and welcome back!
Yaoi One on One Requests / Seeking a House Toy ♡
« Last post by Wondering on Today at 04:13:15 am »
I’m thinking I’ll play as multiple characters (likely 3) who all live together as roommates. Because of [insert situation here], YC becomes the house toy that they each use as they please. I’m thinking 2 of my characters are more seme-like and one is more seke/uke-like. Will there be romance? Probably not. Although it’s sort of possible this could end up being a poly ship... :’) or— wouldn’t it be interesting if your character finds love elsewhere... and my characters had to find a new toy?

I like:
> Partners who typically write 2+ paragraphs. I can write 2-7 paragraphs, maybe more.
> 2D pictures or description only, no 3D please!
> OCs only
> RPing here via forum post
> Good grammar. It makes me so happy.

I don’t like:
> Preplanning everything
> Partners disappearing forever without a word
> God modding (do not move my character please)

I’m open to ideas you have about setting etc., but I’m partial towards modern day and humans. If you are interested, PM me your kink list + any ideas you want to share with me. I’ll pick one of the interested people based on compatibility!
Yaoi Group Requests / Idea: Erotica Enclosure [Seeking 5]
« Last post by Deneb on Today at 04:09:37 am »

~ Erotica Enclosure ~

Context and Premise
Your character awakens to find themselves in an unfamiliar room.
As the hazy shrouds of drug-induced sleep gradually disperse from both their vision and mind they begin to notice that they’re not alone. Several others are slowly but surely regaining consciousness too, but before long it becomes apparent that they’re just as disoriented and confused as your character is. No one seems to know where they are, or how they arrived in the strange little room. But one thing that quickly becomes apparent is that no one will be leaving any time soon.

To the bewilderment of all characters, the perfectly square room doesn’t have an exit. There are no doors, no windows, not even a partitioned wall to hide behind. The air-ducts within the room are far too small for even a child to crawl through and a thorough knock around the walls of the room indicate them to be surrounded in solid concrete.

Despite the best efforts of everyone present; confusion, frustration, and hysteria slowly start to creep its way into the hearts and minds of the characters. But after an hour of futile searching, something finally happens.
The television abruptly flickers on (despite being unresponsive earlier), revealing the form of a masked man who makes explains the rules or Erotica Enclosure.

Summary of the Game
Okay so I suppose I should start by welcoming you all to the request thread for Erotica Enclosure.
A group roleplay I’ve designed with the concept of short, steamy, and simplicity in mind. The summary of the game is as follows;

• Your character awakens to find themselves trapped in a small room with no exit.
• They are however not alone. Several others seem to have been trapped in the same predicament.
• After a futile hour of searching the room, a tv screen flickers on to reveal a masked man.
• The masked man informs the group they’ve been forced into a game of Erotica Enclosure.
• Characters must complete a series of lewd tasks designated by the masked man in order to escape the room.
• Characters can “Fail” to complete a task, or refuse to comply with an instruction twice.
• Once all of the challenges are complete, characters who complete the task will be released.
• Those that failed, will (supposedly?) be put to death.

Important Facts
• All characters are male; and have reasons as to why they don’t want to participate.
They could be heterosexual, have a loyal loving boyfriend/girlfriend, be a naive virgin with illusions of romantic beach dates, or even a public figure who’s career/life would be ruined if they were to feature in gay sexual acts.

• Unbeknownst to the characters, an aphrodisiac is slowly being ventilated into the room. While it’s effects are initially negligible (Feeling a bit hot), it’ll gradually escalate over time. Influencing the characters thoughts, actions, and relationship with others.

Final Words
• Looking for a total of 5 roleplayers in order to start this. (Including Myself)
• Looking for people who can post at least once ever 2~3 days.
• Characters Images should be an anime/art style. (No models/celebrities)
• Human Character from a Modern World Setting only.
• Characters must be Male, and have a reason they don’t want to participate.
Yaoi One on One Requests / Come Play
« Last post by — ツ on Today at 02:39:47 am »
If this right here is our first time meeting, allow me to quickly introduce myself as a person.  I am a humble writer from the eastern hemisphere searching for a comrade.  I can pretty much roll with every sexual orientation.

I like a nice drama, so an elaborate, unique, and thrilling plot is my number one requisite.  I do love porn, of course, but it won't exactly be the main attraction.  I hope that makes sense.  I also really insist on full disclosure, which means I will always need a comprehensive list itemizing any limits or uncertainties you might have before we launch.

PLOT #1 || In a distant land, MUSE A almost murders the royal heir, recognizing this future monarch as a danger to the realm.  A part of the assassination plan goes awry, though—after failing, he narrowly escapes justice by conjuring a horrifying beast.  MUSE B responds the the sorcerer's summons, lending him brawn, protection, and speed for their flight.  Several long years pass, during which MUSE A keeps a low profile with MUSE B at his side, the creature now bound to him until death.

PLOT #2 || After a long, stressful week of ruling an empire, MUSE A needs to relieve some tension.  On impulse, he ends up seducing the most devilishly fine stable boy in existence, MUSE B, who is all too willing to accede.  MUSE A later regrets being so shamelessly intimate with a mere servant, claiming it will never happen again, but MUSE B has no plans to forget the episode.
Yaoi One on One Requests / I'm back and eager to get started!~~
« Last post by Joker on June 17, 2018, 11:24:49 pm »
Heloo, so, a bit about me!

I am semi-literate, no one liners here! I do understand if you get writers block or there isn't much going on in a particular scene, but most of the time I prefer 2-3 paragraphs per post.

All my charries are almost exclusively uke, I can just about handle seke, but never seme...I just don't have it in me xD at most I can blunder through it and make a fool of myself.

Now you need to know what I'm into.. ;)

- Master/Slave*
- Owner/Pet* (Pet as in furry, not an actual animal that's weird)
- Bondage
- Pseudo rape
- Force
- Non-sexual servitude
- Public humiliation/teasing
- Younger* x older (Max young 18, max old 40)
And looaaddds more, check my kink list

Absolutely Nots
- Fisting
- Gaping
- Water sports
- Scat
- Vore
- Blood/Gore

Plot ideas!!

College student* x College professor
-- Soo, college student failing his class and begs the professor for help, or to change his grade, and the professor employs the student to be his servant (for more than just chores and errands ;) ) in exchange for extra tutoring, at first the student refuses and puts up a fight, but in the end the professor persuades him and they spiral into this master/slave relationship. Also up for professor teasing student while in class (remote control vibrator).

Demon* x Human
-- In this one the Demon is the submissive one, though rebellious submissive. A demon hunter find the demon, but instead of killing him like he's meant to, he captures him and brings him back to his dungeon, or castle or whatever. The demon and human have a rocky relationship to begin with, the demon is not trusting of the hunter and makes life difficult. But eventually trust is gained and they end up falling in love with each other. Also a lot of saucy scenes during the falling in love process.

That's all I have for now, will update if I have any more.

*Is what I'll be RPing

Can't wait to hear from someone!!!  :mwaah:
Introductions / Welcome to the site!
« Last post by Eros on June 17, 2018, 10:55:01 pm »
Welcome to House Adonis!

Being a Mentor means that we are here to help you with whatever it is you may need. Rather it's answering some questions to helping guide you through the site. We make it easy to find us our names are in green. Please be sure that all characters are 18+ and that ages for all characters are posted so there is no confusion.

Should you have any doubts and questions, feel absolutely free to send me a PM. I am always available to help you with any doubts and queries should you ever have them.

Now, for the very important threads:

Rules & Guides:

Want to be social and get to meet friends here? Check out this.

See you around! And welcome again!  :bingo:
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