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Yaoi One on One Requests / Re: JimothyKudos RP Search
« Last post by JimothyKudos on Today at 06:49:48 pm »
Yaoi Group Requests / Terrace House RP
« Last post by todoke on Today at 04:06:14 pm »
Hi there,

Here's goes my first group search thread! I recently started watching the reality show Terrace House and thought it would make a great idea for a group roleplay. Basically the series follows 6 young Japanese people living together in a desirable location. The season I was watching was based in Hawaii.

I'd imagine each character would have a different background/career and all would be of different ages. I'm not looking to replicate the series so the characters don't need to be Japanese and the house doesn't need to be in Hawaii.

I will keep requests open until at least 3 people are participating (2 characters per person) If you only want one character please let me know. Also the character can be any gender but we are on a yaoi forum so I'd assume most relationships would be men. See character list below:

House Guest #1: Todoke (m)
House Guest #2: OPEN (m or f dependent on need)
House Guest #3: OPEN (m or f)
House Guest #4: OPEN (m)
House Guest #5: OPEN (m)
House Guest #6: OPEN (m or f)

Possible location ideas:
Hawaii, Tokyo, New York, Los Angeles, London, Toronto, San Francisco

Feel free to PM me or reply with interest below!
Yaoi One on One Requests / Searching for an uke [open]
« Last post by The★Master on Today at 02:22:15 pm »

Hello and welcome to my request thread, please make yourself at home~

I'm the Master, a casual rpers who typically prefers uke/bottom roles, but this time in particular I'm craving to play seme/top. This is rare, so I will take only one partner. And since there are too many ukes on this site to choose from I'll be picky, so don't take it personally if I don't choose you or if your character doesn't appeal to me.

At the moment I don't have any particular plot that I'm craving, so I'd rather come up with something together with my partner. I'm easily adaptable and will play fantasy, historical and modern settings, though at the moment I might be a bit more interested in fantasy. However, I do have some preferences when it comes to characters, and right now I'm interested in older, more mature and handsome ukes, particularly the very devoted, loving ones.


- Traps / Girly / Feminine-looking guys
- Too youthful appearance. I'm looking for a man, not a boy
- The overly quiet, depressive, abused, cry-all-the-time that doesn't act like a man at all
- The opposite to that; the extremely untamable, unruly type that doesn't want to be fucked
- The 'omg im so beautiful, the prettiest boy in all the kingdom, and youre a seme so you have to immediately fall for me'

I guess I just rather avoid extremes and stereotypes.


- Handsome young man; mid to late twenties. Can be a little younger or older, just not a teenager
- Virgin or experienced, I like it either way
- A hint of shyness. I'd love to make him blush sometimes~
- Plot over smut / lots of seduction and sexual tension

I like the idea of the seme being straight/uninterested/too busy for relationships, and the uke being the one who's in love and trying to gain his affection. Or I can also play seductive, but then you have to be equally flirty. I just don't want one of those ukes who say no all the time. I won't be chasing you. If you want the dick, work for it.

As for any other info you might need to know, you may refer to my other request thread:
Basically it just says that I'm not a native english speaker so be patient and expect misunderstandings, that I write 2-3 paragraphs in average and that I won't do non-con, incest or messy stuff.

If you want to apply, simply post here or send me a PM with a preferred setting or a character idea!
Yaoi One on One Requests / ~Jisa-sama's Plot Farm~
« Last post by Gishiki Jisatsu on Today at 08:27:58 am »
Just some bunnies.
♡ I really wanna do this shiz
◇Smut with plot
Starved for Love and Sweetest love- New in Modern!
Yaoi One on One Requests / Re: RP Anyone? {more plot options inside}
« Last post by todoke on Today at 02:01:43 am »
Open for games!
bumping! New layout and new ideas/characters!
Yaoi One on One Requests / JoJo
« Last post by FurryChaser on June 26, 2017, 09:36:45 pm »
This one is a bit out there I know! But recently I fell in love with these characters and I was wondering if anyone was wanting to do a" Joseph x Caesar (I could be either of them) or Jonathan x Dio (I would prefer to be Dio). It just sounded fun to me. Fair warning, I haven't seen past part two though. But, I would like at least 2-3 sentence responses if possible and at least decent spelling and grammar, I am not picky! ^^
Yaoi One on One Requests / Re: Breaking all the laws of science [Open]
« Last post by ♱Dark demon♱ on June 26, 2017, 03:23:10 pm »

Darkneass turned ot light

Based in 18th Century.  Think of Assassins creed Unity.

Character 1 is an experienced Assassin. The best of the best, anti-social bastard but he gets the job done. His life is bound by the creed. Disciplined and very loyal. Sure he's an asshole and has a personality bypass. But a number of assassinations he numbs himself with alcohol. Life is pretty bleak and considering retiring and just finding a solution down the bottle of a drink.  Until he gets puts in prison.

To those around him, he has lost his mind. People think he's crazy. Just a good for nothing. When Character 2 is falsely accused of a VIP murder. Character's 2 life is turned around drastically. An innocent life turned into what he didn't expect, something he didn't understand or knew what his father was capable of.  Character 2 decides to join the war with character 1. Taking advantage of cannons and a middle of a war that attack the prison they make their escape.  With a most unlikely friendship.

I really need a Uke for Jonathan! (see second post)
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