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I am looking for new roleplayers! Looking for new ideas, new plots and new faces!  :hi:
Character Profiles / Re: Crazy's People
« Last post by CrazyInsanity on April 18, 2018, 12:33:16 am »
Pic 1
Pic 2

Name: Briar
Age: Looks 23 (400+ in reality)
Race: Angel/Incubus
Gender: Male
Height: 5'7"
Weight: Around 150 lbs
Sexual Orientation: Bi
Role: Seke
Relationship Status: Single
Skin Tone: Pale, but not unhealthy
Eye Color: Platinum
Hair Color/Style: Black, shoulder blade length
Body Type: lean, almost slender, with light muscle tone
Personality: Easy going, kind, loyal to his lover, passionate
Family: Unknown since he was on his own at a young age
Other Details: Briar doesn't remember much of his childhood. Other than he had to steal to survive. Some would give him things and he was grateful, but most he had to take on his own. As he got older, he got a job and earned money. It helped him through school and to keep a roof over his head. Even became a teacher at the local college out of sheer boredom. But that was when he met the other he now calls his lover. The other was everything he ever wanted in a partner.
Yaoi One on One Requests / Re: Looking For a Good Story [M x M]
« Last post by Elysian on April 17, 2018, 10:04:30 pm »
Yaoi One on One Requests / Re: Chubby Boys to Ruin! [Looking for Semes!]
« Last post by miami on April 17, 2018, 08:39:36 pm »
Bump ♥
Character Profiles / Re: Crazy's People
« Last post by CrazyInsanity on April 17, 2018, 04:10:57 pm »
Name: Stav Tal Ziv
Meaning: Autumn, dew, and bright/radiant in Hebrew
Nickname: Blue Flame
Age: Looks 21 (300+ in reality)
Race: Dragon/human
Gender: Male
Height: 5'8"
Weight: Around 155 lbs
Sexual Orientation: Bi
Role: Submissive Seke
Relationship Status: Single
Skin Tone: Pale, but not unhealthy
Eye Color: Molten Gold, but shift depending on mood
Hair Color/Style: White blond, half shaved, mid-back for the rest
Body Type: lean with light muscle tone, scales on various part of his body than what is seen
Piercing/Tattoo(s): The gears on his head, cross above his right eye, both ears pierced
Personality: Easy going, kind, loyal, independent, can seem cold at times, protective of those closest to him 
Family: All gone to his knowledge
Other Details: Stav has done things on his own for a long time. When his parents disappeared in the great fights, Stav usually hid behind a book. He didn't care for the fighting. Though he can out wit almost anyone and he's pretty street smart when he needs to be. Most see him as a monster because of how he looks. He's really gentle though and has a soft spot for children. So he protects them if they're in trouble or they're in over their heads in danger. All he ever wants is someone to call his own. It's just hard to find anyone willing to accept him for him other than the monster some make him out to be.
Yaoi Group Requests / Re: Looking for some people to do fantasy role play with me
« Last post by AresKami on April 17, 2018, 03:06:42 pm »
Guess we discuss characters then , name and the fine details of the plot
Yaoi One on One Requests / Re: Thoughts, plots, and other things... (Revamped)
« Last post by PhloxCannon on April 16, 2018, 09:30:41 pm »

___ is an ex soldier, a war hero, long since ousted from the field thanks to serious injuries that nearly took his life and crippled him (extent is your call, could be so minor it's almost nothing, could be so extreme he's more machine than man now). Maybe he had a background in medicine or took to it to avoid a desk job or forced retirement, but he serves as a doctor now aboard a navy-esque space craft. He's none too happy to be put out of action but it's the least of his annoyances. Dating has gone to shit. People either don't like the hardware that gave him back his life or don't know how to handle it and wind up treating him like a cripple. Plenty of assholes on board too, looking to start shit with a war hero or put him down for the downgrade in lifestyle. Still the least of his annoyances. See, the war that put him in this state was with an alien race now derrogatorily referred to as Incubi. They're a strange lot with color changing skin, horns, tails, and weird glowy bits. They're harmless enough these days, but back in the day... see the race communicates with mental telepathy. Strong stuff. Try it on a human and... well, the human loses their mind. Initial contact didn't go well. At all. Hence the war. Long and ugly, ended with the Incubi planet getting nuked. Peace treaties were signed. Now there's Incubi refugees everywhere. Harmless, stupid, happy, horny little fuckers. See, Humans seem to have a weird effect on them, an allergy that acts like one hell of an aphrodisiac. Most of them can't seem to last more than 10 minutes around humans without trying to get in someone's pants. Shamelessly. It's disgusting. And ___ hate's the little fuckers. With a passion. Because he was with the early teams that had close contact. Messed with his head. Then friendly fire fucked him up. And that's on them too. Out here, drifting through space, it doesn't matter much. There's plenty of them at port, of course, but they steer clear after a few harsh words. Problem is, some idiot in HR thought it was a good idea to hire one. As a janitor. His name is Ink. Seriously? And he's constantly turning up in sickbay with sex related injuries, making it ___'s problem. He's too nice, he talks too much, his grasp of english is absurd, and he's waaay to fucking interested in ___. Seems dead set on being friends. And he's way too interested in ___'s hardware.

((Never mind the "voice" of ___ in this synapsis. The character can be however you like, sometimes the idea just comes out easier a certain way.))

Ink loves his job. Loves it. So few Incubi dids to qualified for such honestness ofs works, Ink is havings ofs greatest pride to be janitor! And he is having ofs maked a new friend! The best ofs friends! ___ do not havings likes of him much, but Ink havings likes of ___ much for both ofs them! His mind is so interesting. Ink is not to supposed to look but how can he havings resists?! And ___ comes with machinery as part(s) ofs him! Incubi loves machinery! Like what humans calls artistry! He does not the happiness ofs questions, but some time, he makes with answerings. Which is ofs the beautifulness! Ink is of believings that ___ will havings likes of him some day. It is not just havings hopefuls. Ink can sees it. Their minds are with the compatibles. He does not knows why for ___ likes to havings dislikes ofs him but most certainly this will havings passed one some days. He is ofs most certainess.
Yaoi One on One Requests / I need a boy to Kidnap!
« Last post by Star-Crossed on April 16, 2018, 02:32:50 pm »
If you sent me a request months ago with no reply please try again if you are still interested. I had some life issues that kept me away from my hobbies for much longer than intended. I am trying to get back into some evil Fun!

Short and Sweet.

I am looking for a  pretty boy to kidnap and keep as I please.

I am not interested in ukes. I want a spunky and feisty bottom (or tops that will become my bottom).

I want to be able to tie you up and punish you.

PM with your plot ideas!
Yaoi Group Requests / Re: Looking for some people to do fantasy role play with me
« Last post by Lukhan on April 16, 2018, 05:09:02 am »
Everyone agrees, so hey let's do it
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