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Title: Acacia's any and all rp ideas
Post by: Acaciacat on May 26, 2017, 03:29:12 pm
I'm pan, therefore interested and open for any gender combination, all my Rp's can be adjusted so go ahead and check out my yaoi rp thread for other ideas and I will convert those to your desired gender type.

Few guidelines: I hate it when my characters are Rp's into a corner, so don't god mod me, if things need to be fixed in the rp I will contact you to talk it out... if it continues to upset either of us I expect the rp will be dropped in favor of a more enjoyable use of our time. My own personal time is limited, so while I will reply as often as I can please respect that my family will come first. Thank you.

Rp's! (8 open)

Bargains Struck 2character each rp. No set gender required

Sable is a Efue-Sidhe (fae) of royal bloodlines in the Summer court, one of the unique traits of his kind is that their power comes from a symbiotic relationship with a human... because of this, when a Efue is born, a human child born at the same time is replaced with a changeling, and magically bound to the new Efue. The human is kept flavored to believe they are fae, and upon adult hood the two mate, sealing the bond and their life forces... because of this the human becomes fully fae, called a Efue-shade, only reverting back to human when their fae Mate has died.

Gower is a Seelie, transforming water fae serving the Winter court. He Hates humans, knowing the truth about Sable's Mate (YC) he decides it's his job to prove it to (YC). When (YC) learns the truth, they freak out, accidentally causing the death of Sable's creep mom and escaping the world of the Fae with some extra fairy gifts.

Now Sable is stuck in Limbo, without being able to actively feed off of his human Mate, Sable becomes weaker, until he is forced to make a Deal with Gower... if Sable can seduce (YC) first, he will get to come into his full powers and (YC) will become Fae.... if Gower seduces (YC) first... Sable becomes human, and gives up his noble title to Gower.

But the bargain is balanced against Sable... (YC) hates him, yet trusts Gower... does Sable even want to win? ((You can play another chara, such as the changeling or another OC, that's up to you :). ))

I wish to play an intersex character, willing to negotiate plot line, only that because of an interesting genetic mishap a girl was born with an enlarged clit, or Clitoromegaly, similar in size to a penis, still develops otherwise as female and prefers women. If this is a 'no' for you, then obviously we won't play.


Other than that I am up to al sorts of Rp's including consentual incest, kink play, and anthro with rl bdsm experience...
Title: Re: Acacia's any and all rp ideas
Post by: Acaciacat on June 13, 2017, 01:18:08 pm
Primae Noctis All pairing types, either Chara open
Back in Medieval times children of Noble houses would be fostered by other Families, as wards, for their childhood, so that they could be taught loyalty to their King over loyalty to their families, and could be trained on other methods of ruling. Also during those times when A noble was arranged into a Marriage by the king they could pay a heavy fee or bribe the king into changing their marriage partner. But most importantly, upon their wedding night the Lord of the Castle, (or even the king himself) could claim 'Primae Noctis' or their first night as married person, aka their virginity.

So the RP idea is that C1 was assigned during their pre-teen to Teenage years into C2's household. (C2 being either the lord himself or the heir) as the only remaining child of C1's bloodline, and to make up for the debts of C1's family (or them being traitors) C1 is being married off to a lord C1 has never met when they come of age (21) However C2 plans to take advantage of their right if Primae Noctis to seduce C1.
Title: Re: Acacia's any and all rp ideas
Post by: Acaciacat on September 02, 2017, 08:39:46 am
  Monster or Mayhem

Being a monster is hard work, being a tamed monster is even worse... Kelandry never thought she would be caught, she was a Kelpie! Demon of the river! Let alone to be caught by one of 'his/her' kind.... a shame no Shapeshifter should have to endure... but while the golden bridal was on her, Kelandry had to behave, doing as her master wished and waiting for her chance to swallow him whole.... may if she did the damn _____ wouldn't grow his limbs back... (implied your character can regrow any body part Kelandry eats, considering Kelpies eat raw meat and human flesh... may come in handy... warning, slight-moderate gore may happen)

(Also all my Rp's are gender nuetral if you what any sort of gender for your character my character will adjust to suit.)
Title: Re: Acacia's any and all rp ideas
Post by: Acaciacat on September 02, 2017, 12:47:19 pm
all Could be played with any gender chara's

  As You Left It.

Set in Victorian ages, CH1 has never been popular, has never taken special interest in anyone, or had that interest returned. CH2 is well known in society, and has been linked romantically to more than a few broken hearts. While traveling (by ship or land will be decided later) disaster strikes, forcing CH1 to save CH2's life, while also stranding them alone. While stranded CH 2 makes a move on CH1, CH1 does not believe CH2 is serious about them, but decides to start something with CH2 anyways. Eventually they make it back home. where CH1 decides to pretend nothing has changed, so that CH2 won't feel guilty for 'seducing the innocent' and can get on with their life. CH2 is heartbroken and swears to win CH1 back. ((Can be played chronologically or from return w/flashbacks.))

the Whore and the Monster

Set in the old west, Ch1 is a whore, CH2 is a creature that appears human (vampire/werewolf/whatever) As a whore Ch1 is independent, rich, has social status equal to higher society members, regardless of their respectability. Yet CH2 wants to make ch1 their mate, and turn  ch1 into a monster as well.

Freeing Fenrir
((Universe based off of free mmorpg Mabinogi))
Fenrir is a Dessert elf, who has broken away from the main eleven villiage to live alone at an oasis. Has been captured, cursed to become a coyote and bound to a enchanted collar. When given to a new master (YC) will Fenrir be able to break free?

Title: Re: Acacia's any and all rp ideas
Post by: Acaciacat on September 08, 2017, 01:34:42 pm
Dance of the Dead
set in a 'Mercy Thompson' or 'Lost Girl' type world where fae are real, and like in M.T. They are out in the open

Shae is a Kitsune, she works as an erotic dancer with other kitsune's, only where her sisters dance brings you wealth and luck with Love, Shae's dance brings her visions of death, that coupled with her strange markings, and unnatural powers proves she is more than just the fox she was raised to be... that her blood has been marked by a Death God. Using her powers she teams up with a human detective to solve murders happening around her... but what if she uncovers a past and a family she never expected... and what if the police detective she has been consulting for isn't a human at all.